The Sphere

A non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet based on Telegram.

ETH, USDT (ERC20), L2 (zkSync).

The Sphere is designed for the convenient and secure exchange of funds between Telegram users.

The Sphere wallet is created on the ETH network and can be used with other ETH wallets.

Through the Sphere, you can easily pay for goods and services, as well as send money to your friends and family


Cryptocurrencies, in recent years, have shown their stability and prospects. Therefore, we believe that the development of an ecosystem that allows many people around the world to easily and conveniently use cryptocurrency has great potential.

All Telegram users can easily create the own Sphere wallet by click “start” on @sphere_wallet_bot Sphere wallet can be used on the web and mobile same as Telegram itself.

Transaction fees

By default, all Sphere wallets operate on the regular ETH network, the optimal transaction costs are set automatically by the network itself. But our users have the opportunity to choose the cost of a transaction independently in the wallet settings.


For the games, we using zkSync (L2) technology. Transactions carried out using this technology are 10 times cheaper than a regular transaction on the ETH network. If you make many small transactions between Sphere wallets, it will be beneficial for you to use zkSync (L2).


The funds in the wallet are stored in cryptocurrency, but for convenience, they can be displayed in the currency selected by the user: USD / EUR / RUB, etc. The balance depends on the current exchange rate and it is constantly changing, while the cryptocurrency deposit remains the same.


The Sphere wallet already supports 10 languages:
English, Russian, Hebrew, Simplified Chinese, Tradicional Chinese, Ukrain, Vietnamese, Thai, Serbian, Italian.