Fast and cheap transactions

For the games, we using zkSync (L2) technology. Transactions carried out using this technology are 10 times cheaper than a regular transaction on the ETH network. The cost of a transaction varies (from $ 0.05 to $ 0.9)

Invoices. File exchange

When creating a payment request, you specify the business name, product description, photo, and price. You can attach any file, image, and text to the payment request. The client will automatically receive it after fulfilling the payment.


If the price is not indicated, then this is a donation request. Accordingly, the amount of donation can be any.
You can post a link to a payment/donation request on your website, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or send it to your Telegram contacts and groups.

Advertising of goods and services in Telegram

The new way to advertise your goods and services in Telegram is to attract your potential customers with "Treasure Chest". How does it work?

You add your advertising text and picture to the "Treasure Chest", then fill it with a certain amount of money that you going to play among your clients. Each participant who received your “Treasure Chest” invites friends by sending them your's advertising message and receives a monetary reward (a part of the treasure).

The “Treasure Chest”

The “Treasure Chest” can be used as an original way to congratulate your friends and colleagues on the holidays by playing some amount of money among them.
By clicking on the "Participants" button, you can see everyone who opened the "Treasure Chest", as well as the winners and the amount they won.

Referral program

Sphere deducts 1% from commercial transactions, this money is used to pay referrals.
We have a 3-level referral program!
You will receive income not only from the users you invited but also from those whom they invited.To invite new users, you can send them an invitation, a payment request, or a treasure chest.


The Sphere wallet can be integrated with other Telegram bots to monetize games, sell access to private channels, sell goods and services via Telegram.
We can provide an API through which you can automatically create invoices and receive a callback about invoice payments.

For integration questions, please contact: